Staten Island's All Events Champions were on a roll

Staten Island Advance - 05/05/2013, Michael Anderson

Some of the best male, female and youth bowlers took to the lanes for numerous

tournaments earlier this year and although there were some big performances,

there were some keglers who stood out above the rest.


For that reason, eight bowlers have been named All Events champions for their performances in those tournaments.

			On the men’s side, Great Kills resident Vinny D’Ambrosio III claimed his second straight All Events Net championship for his performances in the 
Staten Island United States Bowling Congress (USBC) 8th annual Men’s Championship Tournament. The tournament was held Feb. 16, 17, 23, 24
and March 2 and 3.

D’Ambrosio came just a few pins short from three straight 800 series to win the Rab Wilkinson Memorial Award.
The lefty fired a 796 in the team competition, an 807 in the doubles and an 803 in singles for a 2,406 total pinfall.

For the all-events gross title, West Brighton’s Jim Garrity rolled his way to the George “Lefty” Guerriero Memorial Award.
Garrity seemed to get better as the pressure mounted. He rolled a 641 in the team, 745 in doubles and a 814 in singles to complete a 2,200 pinfall.

The Staten Island USBC held its 66th annual Women’s Championship Tournament on Feb. 16, 17, 23, 24 and March 2 and 3 and the ladies didn’t disappoint.

For the all-events net title, the championship crown was worn by a member of a familiar bowling family — Lisa Laursen.
She joined her stepmother and five-time champ Naz Laursen, stepsisters Liz Philpott (two-time), Nazareth Labetti and
sister-in-law Alyssa Laursen as all-events champions.

The Dongan Hills resident received the Harry Brofsky/Dennis Zajac Memorial Award after blasting a 643 in the team, 597 in
doubles and 683 in singles for a 1,923 total.

Meanwhile, Kathryn Wichnovitz won the Laurie J. Dockter Memorial Award as the all-events gross champion.
The Annadale resident had a 687 in the team, 756 in doubles and 700 in singles for a 2,143 total.

While the adults turned in stellar performances, youth was also served during the Youth Team Championships on Jan. 6 at
Showplace Entertainment Center in Travis, the Youth Doubles Championships on Jan. 13 at Rab’s Country Lanes and the
Youth Singles Championships on Jan. 27 at Rab’s.

New Dorp High School senior and three-time Advance All-Star Mike Calabrese, a New Dorp resident, won the all-events
male net title with 649 (team), 702 (doubles) and 667 (singles) for a 2,018 total.

Kelly Schropp, a former two-time Advance All Star while at St. John Villa, won the female net title for the second straight year and third overall.
The Castleton Corners resident led the way with a 635 (team), 627 (doubles) and 608 (singles) for a total of 1,870. Ms. Schropp also won the net crown in 2010.

Rosebank’s Courtney Gervais was the female gross winner as the righty with a 153 average rolled a 481 (team), 589 (doubles) and
495 (singles) for a 1,565 total and finished with a 2,024 after her handicap was added.

Annadale resident Michael Nicholasi entered the tournaments with a 93 average, but captured the male gross title after finishing with a
330 (team), 353 (doubles) and 441 (singles) for a 1,124 total. His handicap increased his final pinfall to 2,069.

The four adult bowlers will be honored at the Staten Island USBC’s 8th Annual Championship Awards and Hall of Fame Dinner on May
17 at the Staaten in West Brighton while the youth bowlers will be honored at their event on Tuesday June 11th also at the Staaten.

Staten Island USBC Association 66th Annual Women’s Championship Tournament

Team Net (Gennaro’s At Rab’s Country Lanes Award): Team Christiano 2,328 — Wendy Scarsella (580), Erin Schneider (539),
Dawn Cerasani (577) and Lisa Christiano (632).

Team Gross (Chuck Curiazza Memorial Award): 1. Team Reichert 2,710 — Cindy Petrigno (527), Elanore Curran (418), Rose Taylor (353)
and Bea Reichert (455); 2. Team Gardner 2,698 — Mary Gardner, Lisa D’Angelo, Pamela Lemieux and Lisa Palazzola.

Doubles Net (Terry Ward Memorial Award): Lisa Christiano (653) and Melissa Kammerer (641) — 1,294.

Doubles Gross (Rab Wilkinson Memorial Award): 1. Lisa Fontana (536) and Donna Zajac (558) — 1,373; 2. Lisa Collette and
Dawn Cerasani — 1,369; 3. Jamie Bereza and Patricia Kubasak — 1,355.

Singles Net (Gloria Simonson Memorial Award): Lisa Laursen – 683.

Singles Gross (Ben McNevich Memorial Award): 1. Jennifer Dorso – 736; 2. Kathryn Wichnovitz — 700; 3. Fallon Grossman – 699.

All Events Net (Harry Brofsky/Dennis Zajac Memorial Award): Lisa Laursen — 643 (team), 597 (doubles), 683 (singles) and 1,923 (total).

All Events Gross (Laurie J. Dockter Memorial Award): Kathryn Wichnovitz — 687 (team), 756 (doubles), 700 (singles) and 2,143 (total).

High Game Net (Dolores Naso Memorial Award): Lisa Palazzola and Linda Gaudio — 269.

High Game Gross (Molly Ruocco Memorial Award): Fallon Grossman — 298 (225 + 73).

High Series Net (Showplace Entertainment Center Pro Shop Award): Lisa Palazzola — 724.

High Series Gross (Ruth Dockter Memorial Award): Kathryn Wichnovitz — 756 (459 + 297).

Nine-Game Gross Category Winners
180 & Over (Peggy Cherrick Memorial Award): Debbie O’Shea — 750 (team), 627 (doubles), 684 (singles) and 2,061 (total).
170 to 179 (Dinah & Marty Lichenstein Memorial Award): Laurie McAuliffe —676 (team), 705 (doubles), 673 (singles) and 2,054 (total).
160 to 169 (Jerry Lonz Memorial Award): Monica Toomer — 728 (team), 640 (doubles), 630 (singles) and 1,998 (total).
150 to 159 (Lil’ Mazzariello Memorial Award): Jamie Bereza — 653 (team), 646 (doubles), 526 (singles) and 1,825 (total).
140 to 149 (Frank Bower Memorial Award): Eileen Carpiniello — 692 (team), 692 (doubles), 629 (singles) and 2,013 (total).
139 and Under (Helen and George Herman Memorial Award): Erica Kavanagh 739 (team), 690 (doubles), 676 (singles) and 2,105 (team).

Most Pins Over Awards
Game (Country Pro Shop & Awards Center Award): Fallon Grossman (225) + 78.
Series (Charles DeHart Memorial Award): Kathryn Wichnovitz (459) + 96.

Staten Island USBC Association 8th Annual Men’s Championship Tournament

Team Net (Gloria Simonson Memorial Award): Team Mazzella II 2,656 — Richie Fioriello (563), Frank Mazzella (732),
Lou Gaudio Sr. (565) and Vinny D’Ambrosio III (796).

Team Gross (The Quattrocchi Family Award): 1. Team Ng 2,671 — Danny Underwood (499), Michael Ng (581), Carl Worley
(630) and Kevin Ng (559); 2. How’s The Left? 2,644 — Carmine Cavitolo, Rami Ahmed, Ray Laursen Sr. and Stephen Ennis Jr.;
3. Team Alavarces 2,638 — Joe DiMare, Robert Alavarces, Steven Laskowski and Larry Sullivan.

Doubles Net (Bobby Bell Memorial Award): Joey Weisenstein (752) and Jeff Kubasak (669) – 1,421.

Doubles Gross (Rab’s Country Lanes Award): 1. Richie Fioriello (704) and Dan Dunleavy (717) — 1,442; 2. Garett Gersh
and Rami Ahmed — 1,400; 3. Peter Sciarabba and Vinny D’Ambrosio III — 1,393.

Singles Net (Ben McNevich Memorial Award): Vinny D’Ambrosio III — 803.

Singles Gross (Charles DeHart Memorial Award): 1. Jim Garrity 814; 2. Richie Fioriello 757; 3. Ryan Friend 744.

All Events Net (Rab Wilkinson Memorial Award): Vinny D’Ambrosio III: 796 (team), 807 (doubles), 803 (singles) and 2,406 (team).

All Events Gross (George “Lefty” Guerriero Memorial Award): Jim Garrity — 641 (team), 745 (doubles), 814 (singles) and 2,200 (team).

Staten Island USBC Association Annual Youth Championship Tournament
Male Net: Michael Calabrese 649 (team), 702 (doubles), 667 (singles) and 2,018 (total).
Male Gross: Michael Nicholasi 330 (team), 353 (doubles), 441 (singles) and 1,124/2,069 (total).
Female Net: Kelly Schropp 635 (team), 627 (doubles), 608 (singles) and 1,870 (total).
Female Gross: Courtney Gervais 481 (team), 589 (doubles), 495 (singles), and 1,565/2,024 (total).

40 to be Recognized for Season Achievements

Staten Island USBC - 04/15/2013

40 Staten Island bowlers will be recognized for their achievements on and off the lanes at the 8th Annual Championship Awards & Hall-of-Fame Dinner to be held on Friday May 17, 2013 at LiGreci's Staaten.


During this annual event, the Staten Island USBC will elect Vinny D'Ambrosio, III as its third member into the Hall-of-Fame for Superior Performance.  Michele Savini, Chuck Curiazza, and Laurie McAuliffe will also be honored for their years of service and dedication to the Staten Island Bowling Community.

Tickets are $65.00 per person and includes dinner, open bar, and entertainment.  Tickets can be purchased by contacting Event Chair, Laurie McAuliffe, (718) 720-7408 or by submitting the TICKET FORM.

Click here for the EVENT FLYER and a list of HONOREES.

Cuccia and Endress Grab Open Doubles Championship Title

Staten Island USBC - 04/08/2013

The doubles duo of Chris Cuccia and Michael Endress won the 8th Annual Open Doubles Championship Tournament this past weekend (4/6 & 4/7) at Showplace Entertainment Center.

Chris and Michael will be honored at the Championship Award and Hall-of-Fame Dinner on May 17 at LiGreci's Staaten.  They combined for a 1,544 series to beat Peter Vesce and Carissa Friscia by 43 pins, Jo-Anne Enea and Robert Camarda (1,482) were third.

High Scores: Vinny D’Ambrosio III 247, 258 (727); John Picozzi 256; Bonnie Aurilia 217, 224 (650); Bobby Sach 277, 278 (790); Phillip Marks 259; Sal Puma 240, 274 (715); Joe Columbo 276 (677); Jeff Kubasak 270 (703); Jamie Bereza 219, 215 (600); Nick Christie 259 (683); Joey Weisenstein 269 (698); Erin Schneider 237 (636); Liz Gottlieb 216; Ross Gottlieb (677); Jo-Anne Enea 257, 232, 245 (734); Robert Camarda 242; Michael Endress 262, 259 (747); Chris Cuccia 279, 263 (788); Bob Cloke (709); Ashley Gottlieb 217, 235 (639); Barbara Sprague 222; Peter Vesce 258; Nancy Cena 246; Scott Dorchin 263.

Final Results are available on the Tournaments page.

Vinny D'Ambrosio, III wins USBC Singles Event

Staten Island Advance - 03/04/2013

Vinny D’Ambrosio III’s 803 is the unofficial singles net winner after the third and final weekend of the USBC eighth annual men’s championship tournament over the weekend at Rab’s Country Lanes.

Jim Garrity posted an 814 for the singles gross top spot. 
Lisa Laursen’s 683 is the USBC 66th annual women’s tournament singles net leader. Jennifer Dorso is tops in the singles gross with a 736. 
Team Mazzella II (Vinny D’Ambrosio III’s 796) heads the team net with 2,656, and Team Ng (2,671) heads the team gross. 
Joey Weisenstein, who rolled a 300 in the team event, and Jeff Kubasak combined for a 1,421 to pace the doubles net while first place in the doubles gross goes to Richie Fiorello and Danny Dunleavy (1,442). 
Team Christiano (2,328) is the women’s team net winner while Team Reichert (2,740) is the team gross pacer. 
Doubles net goes to Lisa Christiano and Melissa Kammerer (1,294) while Lisa Fontana-Donna Zajac (1,373) takes the doubles gross.
SIUSBC 66th Annual Women’s Championship 
Team event: Wendy Scarsella 222; Dawn Cerasani 218; Lisa Christiano 213, 224-632; Lisa Palazzola 244, 211, 269-724; Monica Toomer 213; Anne Marie Rubilotta 220-627; Angela Iannuzelli 228-620; Mary Kate Hart 213; Melissa Kammerer 223-626; Lisa Laursen 236, 222-643; Nazareth Labetti 235; Nazareth Laursen 212; Vangie Romano 223, 211; Ashley Gottlieb 242; Jeanette Gullo 213, 255. 
Doubles event: Lisa Christiano 233, 245-653; Melissa Kammerer 238-641; Lisa Collette 236; Dawn Cerasani 253-639; Elizabeth Gottlieb 259, 234-640; Vangie Romano 237; Nazareth Laursen 252; Lisa Palazzola 214. 
Singles event: Ashley Gottlieb 212; Fallon Grossman 225; Lisa Palazzola 216, 244-655; Nazareth Laursen 213; Erin Schneider 235; Dawn Cerasani 221.
SIUSBC 8th Annual Men’s Championship 
Team event: Joey Weisenstein 300, 240-745; Jeff Kubasak 279-689; Bob Granto 663; Robert Alavarces 258; Larry Sullivan 244, 245-677; Christopher Antico 243, 244-723; Donald Schwed 246; Vinny D’Ambrosio III 269-679; Nick Nicholson 266-687; Phillip Marks 255-668.
Doubles event: Vinny D’Ambrosio III 269, 259, 279-807; Dan Dunleavy 258-717; Richie Fiorello 290-704; Joey Weisenstein 289-752; Jeff Kubasak 268-669; John Drabczyk 673; Thomas Wilkinson 269-734; Timothy Folkes 667; Nick Nicholson 289-703; Jeff Martin 252-674; Rich Malito 258-678; Ryan Friend 290-744; Mike Orlando 254-683; Joe LaBargo Sr. 258-679; Peter Diemer 672.
Singles event: Vinny D’Ambrosio III 278, 247, 278-803; Jim Garrity 258, 278-775; Richie Fioriello 258-685; Santo Lisa 246-701; Rami Ahmed 277; John Heitmann 242; Robert Butler Jr. 243; Stephen Ennis Jr. 253; Thomas Hollywood 244, 252-721; Matthew Cody 257-671; Timothy Folkes 245.

Changes on top after Second Weekend of SIUSBC Championship Tournaments

Staten Island Advance - 02/26/2013

Ryan Friend’s net 744 and Ray Laursen Sr.’s gross 780 lead the USBC eighth annual championship tournament after the second weekend at Rab’s Country Lanes.

Lisa Laursen posted a leading 683 in net singles while Jennifer Dorso rolled a 736 gross in the 66th annual championship.
Team Mazzella II (2,656), behind Vinny D’Ambrosio III’s 796, heads the team net while gross-leading How’s the Left (2,644) got an 804 series from Stephen Ennis Jr.
Garett Gersh and Rami Ahmed (1,397) are the doubles net leaders while Red Baranello and Mike Vlassenko (1,376) pace the gross.
In the women’s team net, Team Palazzola rolled a 2,313 while Team Reichert (2,740) tops the gross.
Anne Marie Rubilotta and Pina Meister (1,203) head the doubles net, and Lisa Fontana and Donna Zajac (1,373) are the doubles gross best.
USBC Women’s championship
Linda Gaudio 269, 243-668; Andrea Lindell 210, 212-607; Nazareth Labetti 235; Debbie O’Shea 255, 248-693; Lisa Laursen 212, 211; Nazareth Labetti 214; Susan Dalton 211, 211-612; Linda Gaudio 222; Anne Marie Rubilotta 227, 224-659; Debbie O’Shea 223; Patricia Kubasak 219; Lizabeth Philpott 213; Lisa Laursen 245, 235-683; Dawn Eng 215; Vangie Romano 211; Lisa Christiano 218-612; Debbie O’Shea 266-627; Joanne Enea 221.
USBC Men’s championship
Stephen Ennis Jr. 257, 269, 278-804; Vinny D’Ambrosio III 275, 289-796; Frank Mazzella Jr. 265, 244-732; Jeff Martin 243; Chris Brown 664; Red Baranello 274-729; Thomas Barnes 244-682; Justin Carroll 253; Sean McAuliffe 258-678; Louis Gaudio Sr. 257; Frank Mazzella Jr. 250-731; Ryan Friend 278, 245-744; Garett Gersh 247-686; Tim McAuliffe Jr. 242, 279-720; Pete Diemer 278; Chris Brown 242-701; Jeff Kubasak 290-678.

Staten Island Bowling Community Raises over $35,000 for Breast Cancer Research

Staten Island USBC Association - 02/20/2013

In 2012, the Staten Island USBC Association’s Bowling Against Breast Cancer Campaign celebrated its tenth anniversary.

During the month of October, bowlers pledge to raise funds for the campaign during league competition and special events.  Some leagues pledge funds per pin and others make their own individual donations.  The Wednesday Early Birds support the campaign in a much more creative fashion by holding an annual “Bra-a-Thon”, where the ladies don their bras on the outside of their shirts showing their visual support while pledging donations for the cause.
The pinnacle of the month long campaign was the annual Bowl-A-Thon held on Sunday October 28th, at Rab’s Country Lanes just hours prior to the arrival of Super Storm “Sandy”. 
Sandy didn’t keep most of the participants away from enjoying an afternoon of fun supporting the worthy cause.  Greg Mocker (WPIX News 11) and Kim Pirrella (The Real Housewives of New Jersey) hosted the event.  “I am extremely honored to be a part of this amazing event,” said Greg.  “People of all ages come out to support the cause.”
The 2012 campaign raised $35,503 and since 2003, the SIUSBC campaign has raised over $398,000 for the Staten Island Chapter of the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Campaign.  In 2009 and 2010 the SIUSBC was recognized as one of the Top 20 Fundraising Teams in the nation.  
A check was presented to the American Cancer Society as part of the Opening Ceremonies of the SIUSBC's Annual Championship Tournaments on Saturday.  "As a Flagship Sponsor of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the Staten Island USBC Association has served as a committed community leader in the fight to end breast cancer," says Yvette Serrano, director of special events, American Cancer Society of Staten Island.  "the funds raised through this event not only support lifesaving breast cancer research, but also patient service programs offered right here on Staten Island, like free wigs and free patient navigation.  on behalf of the American Cancer Society and the patients and families we serve, we thank the SIUSBC Association for their extraordinary efforts and continued support."
“I’m so grateful and impressed how the bowling community really comes together to support this endeavor,” said Frank Wilkinson, SIUSBC President.  “Rab’s Country Lanes is a great partner for our event and we are proud to use the establishment as a vehicle to create awareness and raise funds for this very worthy cause.”

Cloke leads Staten Island USBC Association Men's Tournament
Staten Island Advance - 02/20/2013

Bob Cloke’s singles net 735 leads the eighth annual Staten Island USBC Association men’s tournament after the opening weekend at Rab’s Country Lanes.

Ray Laursen (780) heads the singles gross with Paul Wichnovitz (672) and Ross Gottlieb (648) trailing.

Anne Marie Rubilotta’s singles net of 636 is tops in the 66th annual women’s championship.

In the singles gross, Jennifer Dorso (736), Paula Meduri (711) and Laurie McAuliffe (673) are presently 1-2-3.

Team Mazzella (2,517) leads the men’s net division while the Gray Hair Guys (2,623) head the gross.

In the women’s team net, Team Palazzola (2,313) leads while Team Reichert (2,710) is in front of the team gross.

Staten Island USBC Association 66th Annual Women’s Championship Tournament

Team Net
1. Team Palazzola – 2,313: Lisa Collette 573; Dawn Cerasani 563; Lisa Palazzola 627;Lisa D’Angelo 550.

Team Gross
1.Team Reichert – 2,710: Bea Reichert 455; Rose Taylor 353; Eleanore Curran 418; Cindy Petrigino 527. 2. 24K Golden PinPushers - 2,548. 3. The Four BBBB’s – 2,495

Doubles Net
1. Jennifer Dorso & Wendy Scarsella 1,177.

Doubles Gross
1. Lisa Fontana and Donna Zajac 1,373; 2. Paula Meduri and Andrea Lindell 1,318; 3. Roe Quattrocchi and Laurie McAuliffe 1,287.

Singles Net
1. Anne Marie Rubilotta - 636.

Singles Gross
1. Jennifer Dorso - 736; 2. Paula Meduri - 711; 3. Laurie McAuliffe - 673.

Noteworthy scores:  Team Event: Lisa Palazzola 215, 214-627; Connie McNally 212. Doubles Event: Andrea Lindell 211; Jennifer Dorso 212, 212; Laurie McAuliffe 216, 214; Lisa Fontana 211.  Singles Event: Jennifer Dorso 246-625; Paula Meduri201; Laurie McAuliffe 201; Anne Marie Rubilotta 221, 227-636; Andrea Lindell 205, 221-609; Wendy Scarsella 222, 212-606.

Staten Island USBC Association 8th Annual Men’s Championship Tournament

Team Net
Team Mazzella – 2,517: Richie Fiorello 563; Jimmy Shevlin 589; Frank Mazzella 598; Dan Dunleavy 767.

Team Gross
1. Gray Hair Guys – 2,623: Don Schwed 595; John Gino 554; Danny Manzella 623; Jim Garrity 602.2. Rab’s Country Lanes – 2,521. 3. Team Salvatore – 2,517.

Doubles Net
1. Garett Gersh and Rami Ahmed 1,397.

Doubles Gross
1. Jim Episcopia (586) and Robert Rinaldi, Jr. (658)1,343; 2. Carmine Cavitolo and Eric Brown 1,295; John Kotowicz and Bob Cloke 1,267.

Singles Net
1. Bob Cloke - 735.

Singles Gross
1. Ray Laursen Sr. - 780; 2. Paul Wichnovitz - 672; 3. Ross Gottlieb – 648.

Noteworthy scores: Team Event: Dan Dunleavy 258, 263, 246-767; Garett Gersh 289, 263, 246-771; Daniel Manzella 257; Richie Fioriello 245; Frank Wilkinson 246, 247-690.  Doubles Event: Garett Gersh 245-686; Rami Ahmed 247-711; Jim Garrity 258-706; Robert Rinaldi Jr. 247; Ray Laursen Jr. 253-672.  Singles Event: Bob Cloke 256, 266-735; Ray Laursen Sr. 244-693; Paul Wichnovitz 244.

Kevin Buono Captures Clash of Champions Title

Staten Island USBC Association - 02/16/2013

Kevin Buono

Kevin Buono captured the 4th Annual Staten Island USBC Association Clash of Champions title today at Rab’s Country Lanes, part of the opening ceremonies of the 8th Annual Men’s Championship and 66th Annual Women’s Championship Tournaments. 

The eight 2012 All Events Champions from both youth and adult events were invited to compete to vie for the exclusive title and a top prize of $250.00.  Invited to compete: Youth All Events Champions: Victoria Hollywood (Female Gross), Kelly Schropp (Female Net), Matthew Goodheart (Male Gross), and Kevin Buono (Male Net) and Adult All Events Champions: AnnMarie Rubilotta (Female Net), Monica Toomer (Female Gross), Vinny D’Ambrosio III (Male Net), and Marco Recchia (Male Gross).
Karalyn Buono, Kevin’s sister captured this title in 2012.  They became the first sibling duo to claim the ‘Clash’ title.
Kevin earned the top prize of $250 in the form of a scholarship award.
First Round:  (scratch then handicap score in parethesis)
Ann Marie Rubilotta 237 (249) defeated Monica Toomer 148 (199)
Victoria Hollywood 152 (208) defeated Kelly Schropp 206 (231)
Kevin Buono 203 defeated Matthew Goodheart 114 (171)
Marco Recchia 225 (257) defeated Vinny D’Ambrosio, III 225
Second Round:
Victoria Hollywood 168 (224) defeated Ann Marie Rubilotta 178 (190)
Kevin Buono 206 defeated Marco Recchia 176 (170)
Kevin Buono 276 defeated Victoria Hollywood 168 (224)
Previous ‘Clash’ Champions:
2010 – Ava Ruberti
2011 – Alan Callahan
2012 – Karalyn Buono

Staten Island's Wilkinson Continues Lead role on USBC Youth Committee

United States Bowling Congress, - 02/05/2013

ARLINGTON, Texas - Frank Wilkinson of Staten Island, N.Y., and Kevin Russell Jr. of Orlando, Fla., have been selected by the United States Bowling Congress Board of Directors to serve on the USBC Youth Committee. Each was recommended by the USBC Nominating Committee and will begin their three-year committee terms starting with the 2013-14 season.
Frank Wilkinson
Wilkinson currently chairs the USBC Youth Committee and has served on the committee for the last six years. The proprietor of Rab's Country Lanes, a family-owned bowling center in Staten Island, he is a USBC Board member and has served on the audit, executive director review, nominating and strategic planning committees. He is an active member of the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America chairing the International Bowl Expo Visionary Committee also serving on the Marketing, and Youth Committees, president of the Staten Island USBC and serves on the board of directors of the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS).
Russell recently graduated from Robert Morris University with a master's degree in business administration and is in the management training program at Walt Disney World. The 2010 USBC Youth Ambassador of the Year, he was a four-year member of the Robert Morris bowling team.
The Youth Committee monitors and promotes USBC youth programs, and makes recommendations regarding youth-specific benefits and events. It also elects youth representatives to the USBC Board.
Wilkinson and Russell will join Ray Baty, Brent Bowers, Cera Dailey, Erik Galganski, Debra Haggerty, Rick Pittser and Dominick Savage on the committee for the 2013-14 season.

Staten Island USBC Championships are on the Horizon

Staten Island USBC Association - 1/17/2013

The 66th Installment of the Staten Island USBC Association Women’s Championship Tournament and the 8th Annual Men’s Championship Tournament are set to kick off February 16th, 2013 at Rab’s Country Lanes.

While the Women’s event has become a staple in the Staten Island bowling community, the Men’s Championship is well on its way to becoming one of the Island’s premiere events.
Starting February 16th, the 3,000-plus adult members of the Staten Island USBC will have the opportunity to hit the lanes and compete for the coveted titles.  The events are contested side-by-side and run through March 3.  
The events will open with an opening ceremony celebrating the start of the event, recognizing previous champions and members of the SIUSBC Hall-of-Fame.  
The 4th Annual Clash of Champions will also take place as part of the opening ceremony.  The eight 2012 All Events Champions from both youth and adult events will vie for the exclusive title.  Invited to compete: Youth All Events Champions: Victoria Hollywood (Female Gross), Kelly Schropp (Female Net), Matthew Goodheart (Male Gross), and Kevin Buono (Male Net) and Adult All Events Champions: AnnMarie Rubilotta (Female Net), Monica Toomer (Female Gross), Vinny D’Ambrosio III (Male Net), and Marco Recchia (Male Gross).
For additional information about the Staten Island USBC Association and for Tournament Applications, please visit us on the web at

McAuliffe Captures Masters Title
Staten Island USBC Association - 12/02/2012


Tim McAuliffe defeated Jeff Kubasak in a two game match to capture the 4th Annual SIUSBC Masters Championship Tournament Title.

Jeff was tied at the end of qualifying with Ryan Friend with 1,075 pin fall.  Prior to the Championship Bracket matches Jeff Kubasak defeated Ryan Friend 216-213 to earn the 8th seed.

The top eight bowlers competed in a match game, two game loss elimination bracket.  The bowlers bowled on the 2012 USBC Open Tournament Championship lane conditions.
1. Tim McAuliffe
2. Jeff Kubasak
3. Steve Stein
4. Vinny D'Ambosio III
5. Sean McAuliffe
6. Michael Endress
7. Dan Dunleavy
8. Jeff Martin
Round 1
Jeff Kubasak def. Michael Endress, 214-168
Vinny D'Ambrosio III def. Dan Dunleavy, 191-170
Tim McAuliffe def. Steve Stein, 214-178
Sean McAuliffe def. Jeffrey Martin, 167-166
Round 2
Jeff Kubasak def. Vinny D'Ambrosio III, 218-181
Tim McAuliffe def. Sean McAuliffe 217-186
Michael Endress def. Dan Dunleavy, 166-161
Steve Stein def. Jeffrey Martin, 151-143
Round 3
Vinnie D'Ambosio III def. Michael Endress, 223-176
Steve Stein def. Sean McAuliffe, 246-191
Round 4
Jeff Kubasak def. Tim McAuliffe, 233-195
Steve Stein tied Vinny D'Ambosio III at 180, but Stein won in the 9th and 10th frame roll-off 36-28
Round 5
Tim McAuliffe def. Steve Stein, 247-233
Emerging from the losers' bracket Tim McAuliffe def. Jeff Kubasak 211-189 and 203-186.
All Staten Island USBC Association Tournament Champions will be honored at the Championship Awards Dinner in May at LiGreci's Staaten.

Endress leads qualifying of 4th Annual Masters Championship Tournament
Staten Island USBC Association - 12/01/2012

The 4th Annual Staten Island USBC Association Masters Championship Tournament kicked off today at Rab’s Country Lanes with 2 squads of qualifying.

Bowlers competed scratch and bowled 5 games in the qualifying round on the lane condition of the 2012 USBC Open Championships.

The Top 8 bowlers will advance to the Finals to take place at Rab’s Country Lanes on Sunday December 2nd at 1:30pm.  Before the start of the Bracket Finals, there will a one game roll-off to break the tie for the last qualifying spot.

The 2011 Masters Champion, Lou Gaudio Jr is not able to defend his title because of injury.  In Sunday’s Finals, bowlers will compete in a single game double-elimination bracket.  In order for a bowler to be eliminated they have to lose 2 matches.

Standings going into the Finals:

1                      Mickey Endress - 1,115
2                      Jeffrey Martin - 1,106
3                      Vinny D’Ambrosio III - 1,104
4                      Tim McAuliffe - 1,092
5                      Steve Stein - 1,087
6                      Dan Dunleavy - 1,077
7                      Sean McAuliffe - 1077
8 tie                Jeff Kubasak - 1,075
8 tie                Ryan Friend - 1,075

This marks the fourth consecutive appearance in the Masters Championships Finals for Ryan Friend and Sean McAuliffe.

Episcopia elected Vice President
Staten Island USBC Association - 07/10/2012

The Annual Meeting of the Staten Island USBC Association took place on Monday July 9 at Rab’s Country Lanes.
Here are some highlights from the 2011-2012 Season and 2012 Annual Meeting:
To date, in the 2011-2012 season, the Staten Island USBC Association certified 79 leagues with a total of 3,397 members.
The SIUSBC 2011 Bowling Against Breast Cancer Campaign raised $31,694.00, bringing our 9-year total to over $363,000.00.  In 2012, the 10th Anniversary of the Bowling Against Breast Cancer Campaign will be celebrated.  The main event (Bowl-a-Thon) will take place on Sunday October 28, 2012.
Nazareth Laursen became the second inductee into the Staten Island USBC Hall-of-Fame for her years of dedication to the Sport of Bowling.  Nazareth joins a short list of 2 others (Gloria Simonson and Donna Zajac) who have been enshrined in both categories (Meritorious Service and Superior Performance) of the SIUSBC Hall-of-Fame.
Nazareth was honored at the 7th Annual SIUSBC Adult Championship Awards Dinner Dance held on May 11th.  In addition to the Hall-of-Fame Induction, 50 bowlers were recognized for their achievements on the lanes during the Championship Tournaments of the 2011-2012 season.  PBA Champion, “Mr. 300” Bob Learn, Jr. hosted the event.
Part of the charge of the Staten Island USBC is to “Create lifelong bowlers”.  This season, two Coaching Clinics were sponsored in conjunction with our Champions Awards Dinners (Adult and Youth).  Master Instructors Bob Learn, Jr. and Norm Duke each hosted a Clinic that was open to all SIUSBC Members for Free.  Over 50 bowlers took advantage of this opportunity to help better their game!
The SIUSBC awarded over $4,000 in scholarship awards to youth bowlers at the Youth Champions Awards Dinner, which was held on June 19th at LiGreci’s Staaten and hosted by PBA Champion and USBC Hall-of-Famer, Norm Duke.

In addition to the scholarships awarded by the SIUSBC, Staten Island Youth Bowlers earned over $3,000 in scholarship awards through events and scholarship programs of the New York State USBC.  The New York State USBC awarded over $89,000 in scholarship awards.

Jim Episcopia was elected Vice President.  Jim fills the seat of Donna Zajac, who became the first member of the Board of Directors to “term-out” of an officer role.  A special thank you to Donna for her 7 years of service as the associations first Vice President.  Donna will remain as a member of the Board as she was elected Director at the Annual Meeting.
Don Aronson, Bonnie Aurilia, Bea Reichert, Bob Rinaldi, Mike Rocco, Michele Savini, and Rose Taylor were re-elected as Directors.  There are currently 2 vacancies that will be filled by presidential appointment.
Meg Bell, Tony Cioffoletti, Tom Clinton, Jim Episcopia, Anthony Pellegrino, Bea Reichert, Michele Savini, Rose Taylor, Christine Thomson, John Wilders, Frank Wilkinson, and Donna Zajac were all elected as Delegates to the New York State USBC Association Annual Meeting. Liz DeHart, Jim Episcopia, Christine Thomson, and Donna Zajac were elected to serve as Delegates to the USBC National Convention


Hart and Cerisano recognized by New York State USBC
Staten Island USBC Association - 05/05/2012

Terri Hart and Lauren Cerisano were recognized by the New York State USBC Youth Leaders for their work with youth bowling during the New York State USBC Youth Award Luncheon in Syracuse, NY on Saturday May 5, 2012.

Terri was the recipient of the Dottie Maguire Coach of the Year Award for her commitment to coaching youth bowlers.  Terri was instrumental in starting the Junior Coaches Program at Rab's Country Lanes.  Terri also serves as the Head Coach for the Notre Dame Academy Varsity Bowling Team.

Lauren was recognized by her peers with the Youth Leader of the Year Award.  She currently serves as the Secretary of the Staten Island Chapter of the Youth Leaders Program.  Lauren received a $100 scholarship along with her award.  Lauren became the third Staten Island Youth Leader to receive this award.

Youth all events champions starting bowling at early age
Staten Island Advance - 02/29/2012

2012 SIUSBC Youth All Events Champions

More and more Staten Islanders are taking up bowling at an early age. What may start as a fun activity, for many, turns into a competitive outlet as they start taking the game more seriously. 

That’s why it should come as no surprise that the four Staten Island United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Youth All Events Champions — Kevin Buono, Kelly Schropp, Matt Goodheart and Victoria Hollywood — said they all started bowling when they were really young. 

winners captured the team, doubles or singles title, but did enough damage to be crowned champions. 

The champions were decided after bowling three games apiece in the Staten Island USBC’s team event on Jan. 8 at Showplace Entertainment Center in Travis, the doubles competition a week later at Rab’s Country Lanes in Dongan Hills and the Singles format on Jan. 29 also at Rab's. 

The female net champion, Ms. Schropp, is no stranger to starring on the lanes. The Westerleigh resident was a two-time Advance All Star while at St. John Villa in Arrochar and also won the net title in 2010. 

“Last year was my off year because I didn’t do so great, but this year I got back into it,” said the 18-year-old who has been bowling since she was in the second grade. “I guess I took it more serious. I feel like I do better in tournaments than league practice and I get more into it.” 

The College of Staten Island freshman, who is majoring in early childhood education, rolled games of 188, 233 and 198 for a 619 series in the team. She added a 247, 236 and 183 for a 666 total in the doubles and wrapped up her title with a 216, 208 and 246 for a 670 in the singles. The righty finished with a 1,955 pinfall. 

“I knew I did well in the tournaments, but I thought (former Villa teammate) Gabby DeVito was way ahead of me, but I guess not,” said Ms. Schropp. “I thought it was awesome (winning again) and I was really excited.” 

Having a Buono crowned a champion seems to be a common occurrence. After watching his older sister Karalyn win the female net title last year, and in 2009, 17-year-old Kevin won the male net championship. 

“I was actually really happy because my sister always gets it, and this time I got it and she didn’t, so it made me really happy,” admitted the Rosebank resident. “There’s a big rivalry. She’s always got me by five or six pins and now I’m catching up. I think this is the first year that I got something that she didn’t. So it’s really big for me.” 

The senior at St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School in Annadale, who said he’s been bowling since he was 7-years-old, entered with a 197 average but all nine of his games were over 200. Buono’s big games included a 215, 208 and 254 for a 677 series in team; a 224, 216 and 235 for a 675 in doubles; and 226, 221 and 212 for a 659 series in singles. 

“This year, I really wanted to win it because I knew I could,” said the righty. “I thought I had a chance since I finished sixth in the singles and second in the doubles, and I think our team finished third, so I thought it would be close.” 

Goodheart, a Bulls Head resident, had no qualms about dishing off credit for his male gross title. 

“My dad and my friends help me a lot with how to bowl,” said the St. Peter’s HS freshman. “I try and win the tournaments and achieve my goal.” 

The 14-year-old, who has been bowling since he was 5, excelled, rolling a 164, 211 and 151 for a 526 series in team, then a 184, 180 and 237 for a 601 series in doubles and ending with a 155, 201 and 181 for a 537 series in singles. With his handicap, he finished with a 2,214 total. 

“I feel proud of myself for achieving my goals and winning,” said Goodheart. “I was very happy and surprised that I won.” 

Ms. Hollywood, 11, may be the youngest winner, but the West Brighton resident is no stranger to the lanes. The female gross champ started bowling when she was 5-years-old. 

“I felt confident going into the tournament, because I’ve bowled my whole life basically. I’ve been becoming a better bowler each time out,” said the righty. “I didn’t think I would win, but I was proud of myself.” 

The sixth-grade student at the Staten Island School for Civic Leadership (PS/IS 861) improved each weekend she competed. After rolling a 166, 145 and 133 for a 444 series in team, she added a 189, 194 and 144 for a 527 series in doubles. She was even better in singles, connecting for a 150, 189 and 213 for a 552 set. Those scores were added to her handicap for a 2,179 total. 

“I did concentrate,” Ms. Hollywood said, “but I tried to keep my mind off my scores. I just wanted to have fun and do what I had to do.” 

Like the other three champs, she did just that. 

Buono Captures Clash of Champions Title
Staten Island USBC Association - 02/18/2012

Karalyn Buono captured the 3rd Annual Staten Island USBC Association Clash of Champions Title today at Rab's Country Lanes.  The event was part of the opening ceremonies of the 7th Annual Men's and Women's Championship Tournaments.  2012 marks the 65th installment of the Women's Championship Tournament.

For the third consecutive year, all eight of the Staten Island USBC 2011 All Events Champions from the Youth, Men's, and Women's Championship Tournaments were invited to compete for the title and top prize of $250.00

Invited to compete:  Neil Sgambati (Men's Gross), Jeff Scire (Men's Net), Arleen Siemietkowski (Women's Gross), Erin Schneider (Women's Net), Gabrielle DeVito and Nicholas Lepre (Youth Gross), Karalyn Buono and Anthony Terzakos (Youth Net).

Neil Sgambati, Jeff Scire, Gabrielle DeVito, and Anthony Terzakos were unable to compete in the event.

Previous champions include Ava Ruberti (2010) and Alan Callahan (2011).

First Round (scratch then handicap score in parenthesis)
Arleen Siemietkowski 170 (243) defeated Erin Schneider 237 (242)
Karalyn Buono 221 (238) defeated Nicholas Lepre 183 (223)

Karalyn Buono 233 (250) defeated Arleen Siemietkowski 144 (217)

As a youth bowler, Karalyn will receive her prize in the form of a scholarship award.

8 Bowlers Crowned Staten Island USBC Youth Doubles Champions
Staten Island USBC Association - 01/15/2012


Staten Island Youth athletes competed in the Youth Doubles Championships at Rab's Country Lanes vying for Association titles and scholarship awards.


Athletes competed in four divisions, competing separately, Major/Senior (U20); Junior (U14); Prep (U11); Novice (U8).

The championship teams  will be honored at the Staten Island USBC Youth Awards Event, and will earn a $50 scholarship award.

Major/Senior Champions: Lauren Zaluk (559) and Michael Calabrese (777), 1,390 handicap series.  Michael rolled 28 strikes in his 3-game series of 777.

Junior Division Champions: Justin Thompson (458) and Joseph Lane (592), 1,371.


Prep Division Champions: Jessica Franzreb (391) and TinaMarie Verzi (392), 1,305.


Novice Division Champions: Ryan Clinton (239) and John Clinton (231), 1,295.

The Final Youth Association Championship Event, the Singles Championships will take place on Sunday January 29th.  Sign up with your league official to participate.  Limited spaces available for walk-in entries.  


Visit the Youth Tournaments page of for complete results.

4 Teams Claim Staten Island USBC Youth Titles

Staten Island USBC Association - 01/08/2012


Youth athletes competed in the first youth championship event of the 2011-2012 season at Showplace Entertainment Center vying for Association titles and scholarship awards.

Athletes competed in three divisions, competing separately, Class A (combined team averages 651 to 900); Class B (451 to 650); Class C (450 & under).

The championship teams will earn  the right to compete in the New York State USBC Region 9 Team Championship Tournament (March 4-11 at Maple Lanes), will be honored at the Staten Island USBC Youth Awards Event, and will earn a $50 scholarship award.

Overall Scratch Champion: PENRO Hentai comprised of: Brian Daluise, Ryan VanPelt, RJ VanPelt, and Alexander Spoto who posted a 2,537 series.

Class A Champion: Country Pro Shop 2x2: Zoe Tampton, Lauren Furman, Nicholas Anderson, and Paul Circolone, 3,066 handicap series.


Class B Champion: PENRO Penguins: Kyle Anderson, Andrew Paoluccio, Nicholas Lisciandri, and Daniel Costantino, 2,090 handicap series.

Class C Champion: Country Pro Shop We Have Issues: Nicholas LaRocca, Daniel Erwin, Calista Ianarone, and Andrew Minew, 1,645 handicap series.

The Youth Championship Events continue through the next few weekends.  The Doubles Championships will take place on Sunday January 15th at Rab's Country Lanes and the Singles Championships will take place on Sunday January 29th.  Sign up with your league official to participate.  Limited spaces available for walk-in entries.  

Visit the Youth Tournaments page of for complete results.

Elections highlight SIUSBC Annual Meeting
Staten Island USBC Association - 07/18/2011


The Annual Meeting of the Staten Island USBC Association took place on Monday July 18 at Showplace Entertainment Center.


Here are some highlights from the 2011 Annual Meeting:

In the 2010-2011 season, the Staten Island USBC Association certfied 93 leagues with a total of 4,155 members (-31 from the previous season).

The SIUSBC 2010 Bowling Against Breast Cancer Campaign raised $51,720.00, bringing our 8 year total to over $328,000.00.  The SIUSBC was recognized as the top fundraising team on Staten Island and among the Top 20 fundraising teams in the nation for the American Cancer Society.

The SIUSBC will award over $3,500 in scholarships to youth bowlers at the Youth Champions Awards Luncheon to be held on Sunday July 31 at LiGreci's Staaten.

The New Vision & Mission Statements of the USBC were presented.  It was announced that all new programs and initiatives of the SIUSBC will be created with these new guidelines in mind.  Vision: Create Lifelong Bowlers, Mission: To provide benefits, resources, and programs that enhance the bowling experience.

Frank Wilkinson and Laurie McAuliffe were re-elected as officers (President and Sergeant-at-Arms respectively).

Peter Aurilia, Meg Bell, Nazareth Laursen, Ray Laursen Sr., Dan Moffit, Roe Quattrocchi, Christine Thomson were re-elected as Directors.  Vinny D'Ambrosio III, Jeff Kubasak, and John Wilders were elected as new members to the Board of Directors.

Tom Clinton, Liz DeHart, Elizabeth Gottlieb, Terri Hart, Nazareth Laursen, and Anthony Pellegrino were elected to serve on the Youth Committee.

Bonnie Aurilia, Tony Cioffoletti, Tom Clinton, Christine DeHart, Jim Episcopia, Nazareth Laursen, Anthony Pellegrino Bea Reichert, Michele Savini, Rose Taylor, Christine Thomson, and Donna Zajac were all elected as Delegates to the New York State USBC Association Annual Meeting.  Bonnie Aurilia, Liz DeHart, Jim Episcopia, and Donna Zajac were elected to serve as Delegates to the USBC National Convention.

The New York State USBC Association was formed as a result of a merger of the New York State WBA, New York State Youth Association, and the Empire State USBC Bowling Association, which will start its duties effective August 1, 2011.  Frank Wilkinson and Liz DeHart were elected to top posts (Vice President and Sergeant-at-Arms) while Penny Clinton-Jensen was elected to serve as a Director on the new organizations Board of Directors.

During the New York State USBC Association Organizational Meeting weekend, long-time Staten Island Proprietor, Rab Wilkinson was honored with the New York State USBC WBA Proprietor Recognition Award.

Anne Marie Rubilotta's Perfect Game Makes History
Staten Island USBC Association - 02/19/2011


Anne Marie Rubilotta made history on the first day of the 6th Annual Staten Island USBC Women's Championship Tournament at Rab's Country Lanes.

Anne Marie became the first bowler to roll a perfect (300) game in the 63-year history of the Staten Island USBC Women's Championship Tournament, formerly known as the Staten Island WBA Championship Tournament. 

Anne Marie rolled her perfect game, along with a 230 and 161 en-route to a 691 series.



Callahan Captures Clash of Champions Title
Staten Island USBC Association - 02/19/2011

Alan Callahan captured the 2nd Annual Staten Island USBC Association Clash of Champions title at Rab's Country Lanes, part of the opening ceremonies of the 6th Annual Men's & Women's Championship Tournaments. 

For the second consecutive year, all eight of the Staten Island USBC Association 2010 All Events Champions from the Youth, Men's & Women's Championship Tournaments were invited to compete in the title and top prize of $250.00.

Invited to compete: Alan Callahan (Men’s Gross), Vinny D’Ambrosio, III (Men’s Net), Lisa D’Angelo (Women’s Gross), Wendy Scarsella (Women’s Net), Nicholas Zarr and Amber Morone (Youth Gross), Alexander Spoto and Kelly Schropp (Youth Net). 

Vinny D’Ambrosio, III and Amber Morone were both unable to compete in the 2011 event. 

6 year-old Ava Ruberti was the 2010 Clash of Champions Champion. 

First Round: (scratch then handicap score in parethesis) 

Lisa D’Angelo 211 (253) defeated Wendy Scarsella 202 (220) and Kelly Schropp 190 (209) 
Alan Callahan 257 (282) defeated Alexander Spoto 140 (148) and Nicholas Zarr 154 (196) 

Alan Callahan 224 (249) defeated Lisa D’Angelo 205 (247) 

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