Finally! Jeff Scire claims first Staten Island USBC Masters crown

By Joe D’Amodio |
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Jeff Scire has done countless of great things on the lanes on Staten Island.

Heading into Rab’s Country Lanes Saturday, the righty, who owns 116 perfect games, numerous tournament titles and was once voted the best Island kegler of all time in a reader poll, was seeking his initial win in the Staten Island United States Bowling Congress Masters Tournament.

Well now, Scire can cross that off his list.

The 47-year-old Woodrow resident didn’t lose a match during the finals of the prestigious 12th annual event, and he wound up meeting and beating defending champion Anthony Everts, 223-178, in the title match.

“It feels really good to finally do it,” said Scire. “The shot was really tough. There was no room for mistake. I was playing straight up the whole day and no one else was there. The shot didn’t change much.”

Scire had survived a tight match against Everts earlier in the double-elimination finals, which followed five games of qualifying in which Scire knocked over 1,021 pins to qualify fourth.

“He needed a triple in the 10th to beat me, but he didn’t do it,” said Scire of his 221-207 victory.

Scire also survived a tough match in the winners’ bracket final against Melissa Kammerer, winning 223-170.

Melissa was throwing the ball great,” said Scire. “She left two 10 pins in a row and I tripled after that. And when your 20-30 pins down on a tough shot like that, it’s tough to climb the ladder.”

Everts admitted to running out of gas versus Scire.

“I didn’t feel too much pressure actually today,” said Everts, who beat Kammerer in the losers’ bracket finals which meant he would have had to beat Scire twice to win a second straight crown. “I felt really good out there once the finals started. I got a few breaks against some of my opponents.

“In the championship game, I think I ran out of gas and lost to a great bowler in Jeff.”

Scire showed his greatness in the title game as he took advantage of two Evert opens in the first four frames by staying clean himself through the first five frames. Scire then turned it up a notch by throwing a three-bagger from the sixth to the eighth frames.

By the time Everts stepped up on the approach for his eighth frame, he found himself down 50-plus pins, and when he failed to strike, Scire had his elusive crown.

The one Island major that Scire has yet to win is Jim Elliott’s New Year Singles Classic. He has placed second twice.

Scire will have to wait until 2022 to win the New Year Singles Classic since next month’s event has been canceled because of the pandemic.

“I’ll get that one, too, sooner or later,” said Scire with a laugh, and no one should doubt him.

Scire and all Staten Island USBC Association tournament champions will be honored at the Championship Awards & Hall-of-Fame Dinner Dance to be held May 28, 2021 at LiGreci’s Staaten.

For additional information about the Staten Island USBC Association and for tournament applications, please visit on the web.

Standings going into the Finals

1 Robert D’Onofrio 1,072
2 Melissa Kammerer 1,047
3 Robert Butler, Jr. 1,030
4 Jeff Scire 1,021
5 Anthony Everts 808
6 John Drabczyk 974
7 Frank Wilkinson 943
8 Joe LaBargo, Sr. 938

Final Results with prize money

1 Jeff Scire $1,170
2 Anthony Everts $574
3 Melissa Kammerer $280
4 Joe LaBargo, Sr. $210
5 Frank Wilkinson $160
6 Rob Butler, Jr. $160
7 John Drabczyk $130
8 Rob D’Onofrio $130

Previous Champions: Frank Wilkinson (2009); Jeff Kubasak (2010); Lou Gaudio, Jr. (2011); Tim McAuliffe, Jr. (2012 & 2013); Sean McAuliffe(2014); Michael Endress, Jr. (2015); Anthony Terzakos (2016); Gary Ricci, Jr. (2017); Kevin Rourke (2018); Anthony Everts (2019).

Summary of Finals

Round 1
Joe LaBargo, Sr. def. Rob D’Onofrio 240 to 169
Jeff Sciré def. Anthony Everts 221 to 207
Melissa Kammerer def. Frank Wilkinson 176 to 169
Rob Butler, Jr. def. John Drabczyk 185 to 183

Round 2
Jeff Sciré def. Joe LaBargo, Sr. 206 to 141
Melissa Kammerer def. Rob Butler, Jr. 196 to 150
Anthony Everts def. Rob D’Onofrio 184 to 157
Frank Wilkinson def. John Drabczyk 206 to 181

Round 3
Anthony Everts def. Rob Butler, Jr. 194 to 168
Joe LaBargo, Sr. def. Frank Wilkinson 210 to 189

Round 4
Jeff Scire def. Melissa Kammerer 223 to 170
Anthony Everts def. Joe LaBargo, Sr. 200 to 161

Round 5
Anthony Everts def. Melissa Kammerer 246 to 198

Jeff Scire def. Anthony Everts 223 to 178

The Finals by the numbers
High Game: Jeff Sciré – 277
Low Game: Joe LaBargo, Sr. – 141
Competitors: 8
Total Pins rolled: 5,331
Average Score: 190
200+ Games: 10

SIUSBC Launches Online Tournament Registration

In partnership with USBC, the Staten Island USBC has launched a new Online Tournament Registration Portal. The first event available for online registration is the Staten Island USBC Masters Championship, where top Islanders will hit the lanes to compete for the elusive title.

“We’re excited to provide this service and make it easier for our members to register for all of our events” said Jim Episcopia, SIUSBC President.

Once a member has created a Community Login, they will have full access to the Registration Portal allowing for online registration and credit card payments for each event. This login also provides access to the Find a Member Feature of and it is used to register for the National Championships!

Check it out and Register by December 2nd for the Masters:

Check back soon for registration details for the Men’s & Women’s Championship Tournaments slated to take place in February and March 2021!

Smith captures 2020 Clash Title

In annual tradition, the 2020 Staten Island USBC Clash of Champions kicked off the 72nd Annual Women’s & 15th Annual Men’s Championship Tournament at Rab’s Country Lanes on Saturday February 15, 2020.

Youth and Adult All Events Champions from the 2018-2019 season were invited to compete in the Annual Clash of Champions.

The field*: Youth Champions Sean Brady, William Courtney, and Hannah Guevarra, and Adult Champions Kelly Schropp, Fran Smith, and John Venosa.

  • Youth Champion Lauren Ruth Sarreal along with Adult Champion Kevin Rourke were unable to compete in the event.

On the line: The title, the Chuck Curiazza Memorial Trophy, a $250 prize, scholarship awarded to youth, and of course bragging rights.

Round 1: scratch (handicap) score included
William Courtney 231 (256) defeated Hannah Guevarra 192 (253) and Sean Brady 144 (223), in a close match forcing William to double in the tenth frame to best Hannah by 3 pins.

Fran Smith 170 (208) defeated Kelly Schropp 202 (206) and John Venosa 170 (190).

Winner of each match advanced to the title match, to feature the youth vs. adult match.

In the finale, Fran rolled a 196 (234) game to beat out William 194 (219).

Visit our facebook page for the Live Video to catch all the action!

Unbeaten Anthony Everts cops first Staten Island USBC Masters crown

By Frank Wilkinson
Special to the Staten Island Advance,

It took 11 tries for Anthony Everts to claim his first Staten Island USBC Masters Tournament crown.

The veteran kegler held off some of the Island’s top bowlers and a tough finalist field of eight, including three former champions, to win the elusive crown Saturday at Rab’s Country Lanes.

It was the 11th annual S.I. USBC event and it was contested on a tough 2019 USBC Masters Lane Pattern.

Everts did not lose a single match in breezing through the winners’ bracket, culminating with his 200-166 victory over Thomas Hollywood Jr. in the title match. Hollywood, who came out of the losers’ bracket, had to beat Everts twice in the championship round but it never went to a second game.

Everts, who was competing in his second S.I. USBC finals, was seeded sixth in the finals after posting a five-game 937 set in qualifying.

Everts, who averaged 188 in the finals, outrolled three opponents in the single-game, double-elimination finals bracket, before topping Hollywood Jr.

Everts took home $700, while Hollywood Jr. earned $360.

This year’s event was the first time it was contested in one day. In years’ past, it was held over two days.

As the 2018 champion, Kevin Rourke was automatically seeded into the finals.

Standings going into the Finals

  1. Thomas Hollywood, Jr. – 991
  2. Billy Salvatore – 972
  3. Sean McAuliffe – 963
  4. Kevin Rourke – 952
  5. John Heitmann – 940
  6. Anthony Everts – 937
  7. Tim McAuliffe, Jr. – 933
  8. David Kosinski – 928

Final Results

  1. Anthony Everts – $1,200
  2. Thomas Hollywood, Jr. – $600
  3. Billy Salvatore – $300
  4. Tim McAuliffe, Jr. – $240
  5. John Heitmann – $180
  6. Kevin Rourke – $180
  7. Sean McAuliffe – $150
  8. David Kosinski – $150

Previous Champions: Frank Wilkinson (2009); Jeff Kubasak (2010); Lou Gaudio, Jr. (2011); Tim McAuliffe, Jr. (2012 & 2013); Sean McAuliffe (2014); Michael Endress, Jr. (2015); Anthony Terzakos (2016); Gary Ricci, Jr. (2017); Kevin Rourke (2018).

All Staten Island USBC Association tournament champions will be honored at the Championship Awards & Hall-of-Fame Dinner Dance to be held May 22, 2020 at LiGreci’s Staaten.

For additional information about the Staten Island USBC Association and for Tournament Applications, please visit us on the web at

Summary of Finals

Round 1
Thomas Hollywood, Jr.def. David Kosinski 209 to 174
Kevin Rourke def. John Heitmann 178 to 156
Tim McAuliffe, Jr. def. Billy Salvatore 196 to 176
Anthony Everts def. Sean McAuliffe 180 to 177

Round 2
Thomas Hollywood, Jr.def. Kevin Rourke 210 to 190
Anthony Everts def. Tim McAuliffe, Jr. 187 to 164
John Heitmann def. David Kosinski 167 to 137
Billy Salvatore tied Sean McAuliffe 145 to 145
Billy Salvatore def. Sean McAuliffe 9th & 10th Frame Roll-off

Round 3
Tim McAuliffe, Jr. def. John Heitmann 201 to 190
Billy Salvatore def. Kevin Rourke 182 to 176

Round 4
Anthony Everts def. Thomas Hollywood, Jr. 188 to 176
Billy Salvatore def. Tim McAuliffe, Jr. 174 to 167

Round 5
Thomas Hollywood, Jr.def. Billy Salvatore 178 to 151

Anthony Everts def. Thomas Hollywood, Jr.200 to 166

The Finals by the numbers

  • High Game Thomas Hollywood, Jr. – 210
  • Low Game Billy Salvatore & Sean McAuliffe – 145
  • Competitors – 8
  • Total Pins rolled – 4,974
  • Average Score – 176
  • 200+ Games – 4 (Everts; McAuliffe, Jr.; Hollywood, Jr. x2)

Westerleigh resident Joey Weisenstein captures S.I. bowling series record by one pin with 878 set

By Nick Regina |
Staten Island Advance |

Forty-three-year-old Westerleigh resident Joey Weisenstein was feeling it on Monday, or maybe he wasn’t, but the veteran bowler nevertheless set a Staten Island record when he compiled an 878 series, besting Ryan Friend’s mark of 877, which was set in 2016.

“Honestly, I really wasn’t feeling it,” admitted Weisenstein, who fired games of 279, 300, and 299 in the Montalbano Men’s League at Showplace Bowling and Entertainment Center. “I got in a zone and it just kept coming.

“The pins were just going down, I wasn’t really feeling anything,” said Weisenstein.

The perfect game marked the 70th of the lefty bowler’s career, and he narrowly missed 71 after failing to knock over just one pin on the 10th and final frame of his last game.

Perhaps, even more remarkable than his poise, was the fact that Weisenstein wasn’t even aware that he had captured the record.

“It’s kind of surreal to be honest,” said Weisenstein. “I knew I had a shot going in, but I thought the record was 878, so I thought I had tied it.”

Weisenstein, who uses a Radical Zing ball, said his previous career high series was 856.

He also acknowledged being recognized among some of the Island’s elite bowlers.

“Ryan Friend is a great bowler, Jeff Scire has a bunch of high series, it’s nice to be mentioned up there with them,” said Weisenstein. “The pins just went down tonight, I didn’t try to do anything different than any other night.”