Undefeated Rourke claims Masters Crown

2018 SIUSBC Masters Champion, Kevin Rourke and SIUSBC President & Tournament Director, Jim Episcopia

Top local keglers emerged on Rab’s Country Lanes this weekend to compete for the Island’s most prestigious bowling title.

Kevin Rourke, 45, became the oldest competitor to claim the Staten Island USBC Masters Championship Tournament title, adding his name to the impressive list of keglers who have captured the title in previous years.

In Rourke’s first Masters appearance, he entered the Finals as the top seed with a 1,023 5-game set and made his way to the finals undefeated through the Winners Bracket. He averaged 183 in the finals, defeating the 2017 Champion, Gary Ricci, Jr. 171 to 151 in the finale. As the winner of the Losers Bracket, Ricci, Jr. would have had to beat Rourke two times to capture the title.

Tournament Runner-Up, Ricci, has appeared in six finals, and finished second twice.

The 10th Annual Staten Island USBC Masters Championship Tournament started yesterday (12/1/18) with qualifying squads. In the qualifying round, bowlers bowled 5 games. The top 8 bowlers advanced to today’s finals. The competition was played on the 2018 USBC Masters Lane Pattern.

In the finals, finalists competed in a single game double elimination bracket. Bowlers had the opportunity to lose twice before facing elimination.

As the 2017 Champion, Gary Ricci, Jr. was automatically seeded into the Finals.

Standings going into the Finals

  1. Kevin Rourke 1,023
  2. Dan Dunleavy 1,007
  3. Michael Endress 999
  4. John Drabczyk 992
  5. Marco Recchia 978
  6. Tim McAuliffe, Jr. 967
  7. Michael Marchese, Jr. 949

Final Results

  1. Kevin Rourke $700
  2. Gary Ricci, Jr. $360
  3. Marco Recchia $260
  4. Tim McAuliffe, Jr. $210
  5. Dan Dunleavy $180
  6. John Drabczyk $150
  7. Michael Endress, Jr. $130
  8. Mike Marchese, Sr. $110

Previous Champions: Frank Wilkinson (2009); Jeff Kubasak (2010); Lou Gaudio, Jr. (2011); Tim McAuliffe, Jr. (2012 & 2013); Sean McAuliffe (2014); Michael Endress, Jr. (2015); Anthony Terzakos (2016); Gary Ricci, Jr. (2017)

All Staten Island USBC Association tournament champions will be honored at the Championship Awards & Hall-of-Fame Dinner Dance to be held May 24, 2019 at LiGreci’s Staaten.

Summary of Finals

Round 1
Kevin Rourke def. Mike Marchese, Sr. 190 to 159
Gary Ricci, Jr. def. John Drabczyk 204 to 159
Tim McAuliffe, Jr. def. Dan Dunleavy 189 to 165
Marco Recchia def. Michael Endress, Jr. 196 to 173

Round 2
Kevin Rourke def. Gary Ricci, Jr. 195 to 163
Marco Recchia def. Tim McAuliffe, Jr. 187 to 178
John Drabczyk def. Mike Marchese, Sr. 230 to 141
Dan Dunleavy def. Michael Endress, Jr. 199 to 176

Round 3
Tim McAuliffe, Jr. def. John Drabczyk 184 to 136
Gary Ricci, Jr. def. Dan Dunleavy 198 to 161
Round 4
Kevin Rourke def. Marco Recchia 179 to 157
Gary Ricci, Jr. def. Tim McAuliffe, Jr. 177 to 170

Round 5
Gary Ricci, Jr. def. Marco Recchia 170 to 160

Kevin Rourke def. Gary Ricci, Jr. 171 to 155

The Finals by the numbers
High Game John Drabczyk – 230
Low Game John Drabczyk – 136
Competitors – 8
Total Pins rolled – 4,922
Average Score – 175
200+ Games – 2 (Drabczyk 230 & Gary Ricci, Jr. 204)

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